Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological testing focuses on the measurement of cognitive abilities and the effects of neurological problems on day-to-day behaviors, with particular emphasis on the nature of strengths and weaknesses in an individual's processing abilities.   Although the actual test battery is selected based on the purpose for the assessment, the following are the kinds of functions that are frequently evaluated as part of a neuropsychological assessment:

These functions are cornerstones of our ability to work, to learn, and to get along with others.   The psychologist integrates data regarding these abilities in order to better understand the pattern of cognitive strengths and weaknesses a person may have and to provide valuable information for treatment planning that focuses on appropriate remediation and/or accommodations.

Neuropsychological assessment may be recommended to aid in understanding a variety of client presentations, including:

Although many psychologists may administer and attempt to interpret neuropsychological test batteries, only a psychologist who has been specifically trained in this sub-specialty should undertake these procedures.

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