Educational Assessment

When testing procedures are applied to school related issues, the purpose is often to assess strengths and weaknesses related to a potential learning disability or other problems that might be interfering with the capacity to learn at the same rate as one's peers.   It is important for parents to be aware that they can request a psychoeducational assessment through their local school district at no charge.   However, due to the high work load many school psychologists experience, among other factors, parents often choose to obtain an assessment through a private practitioner.

We utilize the most up to date test instruments to assess your child.   Testing is accomplished in a quiet, stress-free environment and every effort is made to maximize your student's experience.   Occasionally, testing is spread over several sessions, but it can typically be accomplished in one day.   If your child is taking medication for ADHD, it will be important to discuss with us whether medication should be taken the morning of the assessment.

Age-appropriate test instruments are chosen on the basis of the presenting problems.   We also prefer to consult with teachers and other school personnel whenever possible in order to gain a fuller understanding of classroom behavior and academic performance.   Our goal is to tailor the assessment process to the unique needs of each child and his or her family.   There is no "cookie-cutter" or generic process here, where one set of procedures fits all children.   Your student will be fully evaluated using only the tests and procedures necessary to answer the questions that led to the evaluation.   We pay attention to the needs of each student and take pride in our ability to clinically individualize each test battery.

Besides assessing children enrolled in public and private schools, we are approved by South Carolina universities to assess college students who might be eligible for accommodations due to attention and/or learning problems.

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